Aljabri Mix

Al Jabri Mix is the ready mic concrete division of MK Al Jabri Group the largest group in Umm Al Quwain, Al Jabri Mix is a well organized and services oriented company situated in a convenient location at indusrial area No. 1, Umm Al Thaoob, Umm AL Quwain

The concrete planet is fully automatic,  From Italy And has attached chiller and flake ice planet by bringing Together the best equipments In the industry, Technology,  Highest - Quality of raw materials And innovative techniques In the business, Al Jabri Mix Has the ability to exceed that expectations Of its customers through outstanding services like no other company, The company offers specialty concrete mixes Such as low permeability Concrete, early strength concrete, Light weight Concrete with fibers,  Grout mixes Etc. In addition to its full line of standards mixes that are capable of meeting or exceeding the equipments of any customer

The environmental practice the quality of our products The punctuality of the deliveries and the quality of our employees Maks Al Jabri Mix different from other companies We are proud Of our employees and treat everybody fairly and listen every employ that has a suggestion.

Due to the good atmosphere between the management and our employees, Every employees in the company feel like they own the company By keeping customers And employees at the center of its business, Al Jabri Mix creates an exceptional Atmosphere for all Parties involved

We have a complete safety program which is an important issue for us our safety department is extremely active and deeps our safety record, our aims is to keep the number of accidents at zero

When the fate of project Whether  large or small is on the line, AL Jabri Mix  is trusted sources to perform, It Part of the legacy of MK group and it is at the very core of their reputation

We are in the process of acquiring ISO certification, Al Jabri MIX makes the on time quality concrete company,  looks forward to providing quality concrete to your projects.

For placing orders call 050 429-6711

For customers complain department call 0504296711